Service Overview

This service is for the Magento Community Edition (CE) and Enterprise Edition (EE) of Magento and NOT their hosted version, Magento Go.

Since launching in 2007, Magento has grown to become the industry's leading open source software.  The Community Edition is free to download and can be used commercially without limitation.  The Enterprise Edition costs around £9,000 per year and has additional ‘out-of-the-box’ features along with a professional support contract.

When is Magento the right choice?

For the vast majority of our e-commerce clients, we recommend using Bigcommerce because it's powerful, full of features and yet remains easy to use.  However, there are times when a client has a very specific and unique set of requirements; such as integrating with a particular epos system, multi-channel stock control, multi-language or an unusual purchasing/shipping process.  In these instances, Magento CE/EE is the right choice.

Magento is installed on your own web server; giving you access to every bit of code and making the site highly customisable.  Magento also has a huge developer base with thousands of pre-built extensions (plugins) that can be purchased (some are free) and installed; increasing the functionality of your site.

Magento is not for the faint hearted.  It is extremely powerful and highly customisable but it's also complex and has a steep learning curve.  We only recommend this service to clients who have e-commerce experience and are competent with online software administration.

What you'll get.

  1. A professional look/feel, unique to your business.
  2. A custom layout incorporating all standard and custom features.
  3. A full graphics pack containing every element of your brand for you to keep.
  4. Advice and recommendation at any time based on years of industry experience.

The service does not include creation of page content, off-site SEO or product setup.  Project costs can vary from £3k to £10k+.  Please see our Pricing for more information.  The whole process typically takes 10-20 weeks from payment to completion.

Project process.

  1. You fill in the form at the bottom of this page.
  2. We then get in touch to establish your current situation, requirements and expectations.
  3. Provide a quotation, which includes a breakdown of costs and time frames.
  4. Scheduled call to discuss design direction and formulate a brief/specification.
  5. Make first payment (50%).
  6. Create a 1:1 scale visual mockup and then review, modify, finalize the design with you.
  7. Set up web server with Magento software.
  8. Install Magento extensions and complete any custom code requirements.
  9. Install the approved design and assist with setup of checkout and domain pointing.
  10. Test to ensure everything looks and functions as intended.
  11. Make final payment (50%).

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