Required Services

Branding - £625+VAT

Custom Magento theme specifically created to appeal to a target audience.  We give our clients a unique, distinctive, professional presence that's more memorable and increases the trust and confidence in potential buyers.  The design is sent to you for review in the form of a 1:1 scale image.

Installation - £1,875+VAT

Server setup, installing Magento software, email configuration, domain/SSL setup, cutting out the graphics and coding a custom layout.  You will also need hosting for the site.  You can source this independently or take advantage of our private client hosting (typically £50+VAT per month for Magento).  More information on our hosting can be found at

Note:  If the site is already set up with a pointed domain, working email, integrated checkout and the client is familiar with Magento, we can offer install at a reduced rate (STQ).

Optional Design Extras

Icon Menu Bar - £350+VAT

This includes the creation of up to 14 icons.  The menu bar is dynamic which means it is reading page information rather than being hard coded.

Side Graphic Box - £25+VAT

Includes the creation of a graphic and implementation.

Logo Design - £375+VAT

Includes .eps (scalable) version so that it can be printed at any size without a loss in quality and will also be provided in various sizes.

Brand/Category Banner - £50+VAT

Creation of a custom banner for the top of a brand or category page.  These Banners are also used for slideshows.

Brand Carousel - £150+VAT

A carousel on the homepage that dynamically displays clickable brand logos.

Clickable Box - £12.50+VAT

Small clickable boxes on the homepage, each displaying a brand logo / category image.

Credit Link Delete - £100+VAT

Removal of the “Website designed by” link in the site footer and the additional option of being excluded from our online portfolio.  For the vast majority this option isn't worth taking but it is available for clients who have copycat competitors.

The link is part of our marketing strategy and its inclusion enables us to offer the service at a lower price than we would without it.  In other words, the saving is passed on to the client.  We are proud of our clients and love promoting their businesses on our site (which often helps their search ranking) but we appreciate it would be unfair of us not to provide the option of removal.

Note:  If the client refers someone within the year who spends £1,000+VAT or more, we will refund the amount in full.  The amount will also be refunded if the client commissions an additional project of equivalent value.

Branded Email Notifications - £150+VAT

A branded replacement for the standard order notification/message templates that are sent out to customers.

Newsletter Design - £150+VAT

Custom template that includes a branded header, footer and text styling (font family, size, colour). Installed into MailChimp (our recommended newsletter software).

Custom Coding & Magento Extensions

Due to the bespoke nature of this service, we can't provide set pricing for functionality requirements.  We will need to discuss this with you, research options and provide a tailored quote.

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