2012 version of Aylis website is live.

Throughout 2011, we've focused more on the services side of the business.  Things have changed at a rapid pace and unfortunately, the previous website was unable to keep up.  The new site puts more emphasis on our client work and does a much better job of presenting each project.  Built from the ground up; it's fresher, more inviting and we've tried to make the content engaging.

(Warning — skip this paragraph if you're allergic to geek speak!)…
The site is built on our own CSS framework which you can download here.  It's written in PHP and uses database information to dynamically feed content to the page.  The URL's have been made search engine friendly by using .htaccess commands.  We've tested in all major browsers as well as certain tablets and mobiles.  We've also built in functionality for device detection, which will allow us to serve specific mobile versions further down the line.

Since launching the site last week, average page views have increased by 176%, average time spent on the site has jumped from 2:21 to 6:42 and the bounce rate has decreased by 29%.  It's still early days and we are yet to discover the impact on conversions but these numbers would suggest a bright future for the 2012 version of Aylis.com.

Posted by Aylis  20/11/2011

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