Monthly Theme Enhancement

Would you like a constantly evolving, always up-to-date website or one that slowly falls behind over time and needs a full re-build every few years?

Our custom theme is based on the default "Cornerstone" theme with many improvements and it is updated monthly with any changes made by BigCommerce as well as feature enhancements developed by our team. We are able to update the master theme whilst still retaining unique customisations made specifically to your website.

This service offers great value because by having multiple clients spread the development cost, it allows us to improve your theme at a dramatically reduced amount compared to if you were the only one contributing. You can however still commission unique updates in addition to benefitting from the global enhancements.

You can read through a record of our monthly enhancements further down the page.

The cost for our optional monthly enhancement service is as follows:

  Standard Plus
All Aylis Theme Enhancements.
All BigCommerce Development Updates.
Guaranteed compatibility with all future BigCommerce feature releases
Monthly phone call explanation.  
Up to 1 hour of inclusive theme tweaks.  
Prioritisation of roadmap requests where possible (most beneficial to everyone will always take precedence).  
Price £50+VATper month £125+VATper month

For more information on BigCommerce project costs, please see our pricing.

How it works.

BigCommerce monthly theme enhancement.

Monthly Enhancements.

December 2023

  • Blog now shows two articles per row on small desktop instead of 3 if side menu is visible.
  • Added a custom component to header search area to make client modification easier.
  • Added a built in accordion expand/contract system for page contents.
  • Resolved Aria ID's not being unique on homepage products (featured, new, popular) when a product appears in more than one group.
  • Resolved dom depth warning for product review stars.
  • Homepage carousel banners now have standard width and height data to help with CLS.
  • Product card images now have standard width and height data to help with CLS.
  • Store logo now has standard width and height data to help with CLS.
  • Added name value and aria labels to search button for SEO/Accessibility benefit.
  • Previous and Next carousel arrow icons now have matching aria labels for SEO/Accessibility benefit.
  • Top Header Bar now uses divs instead of ul/li to avoid markup warning when carousel is active on mobile.
  • Product sale price info on product detail page now also displays the discount as a percentage.
  • Added the ability to show a specific set of images depending on selected product option using a special custom field with Name = _imageset and Value = Whatever option name should trigger the image set (e.g. Colour). Also requires the option values to be added to the end of image alt text as imageset:value (e.g. imageset:Blue).
  • Release Pending...

November 2023

  • Footer blog images are now lazy loaded.
  • Added a client component file to the cart table to make customisation easier.
  • Product Upsell now shows the normal price crossed out if a sale price is active.
  • Warranty data on product cards is now loaded individually on click to increase page load speed.
  • Improved appearance of option out of stock messaging on product detail page.
  • Added a product availability default message option if no availability text is added (not available in theme settings yet).
  • Product availability info added to cart items if default message is active.
  • Custom tab content now only loads when clicking the tab to improve page speed.
  • No new release this month.

October 2023

  • Added a checkout progress bar showing the 4 steps and current position.
  • Added individual page builder regions to footer columns.
  • Fixed a display bug for new/featured/popular products on homepage when carousel was set to the fade transition.
  • You can now choose a different heading size for mobile in the Customer Banner widget settings.
  • No new release this month.

September 2023

  • New "Custom Banners" widget. We've built a new widget that allows you to create Banners with separate mobile and desktop options (including separate images).
  • Improved display of quantity and add to cart area on product detail pages.
  • Improved cart page appearance on mobile and desktop.
  • Search box now has quick results (like the icon version).
  • Custom blocks widget items no longer stretch when on last row.
  • Custom blocks widget now has the option to use lazy load on a per image basis.
  • Added additional product page builder regions.
  • No new release this month.

August 2023

  • Blog articles on main blog page are now 3 across on desktop.
  • Fixed page builder region position bug on category and info pages.
  • Recent blog post images in footer now have dimensions.
  • Newsletter summary text is now centrally aligned.
  • Resolved home carousel mobile image dimension warnings and missing alt text.
  • Recent Posts list on individual blog posts has now been moved to the right on desktop.
  • Fixed a display bug relating to upsell items when they are marked as hidden in admin.
  • Fixed a display bug with upsell price data.
  • You can now add price schema data to "call for pricing" products by starting the message with the price followed by two forward slashes. e.g. 13.5//Call for pricing
  • If categories are set to show parent structure and sub categories are set to horizontal, the full list of the parent will now appear vertically if the current category has no subs.
  • You can now over-ride the default category and info page h1 heading text by using " | " in the SEO title box area. The heading will use any text before this divider. e.g. "My Custom Heading | My Store"
  • Improved display of product badges (including custom badges).
  • Improved appearance of carousel forward/back arrows.
  • When using "box" for search display setting, the box will now show quick results in a dropdown.
  • Stopped site name from being appended to the blog post html page titles to help avoid SEO related length warnings.
  • No new release this month.

July 2023

  • "Filters" text on show/hide button now only shows when product has faceted search enabled.
  • "read more" links in the footer blog area now have title text to improve SEO.
  • Added a special custom field, Name: _class / Value: (anything) that will add a CSS class (using the value) to product cards and product page.
  • Added a special custom field, Name: _badge / Value: (anything) to allow custom badge labels (using the value) on product cards and product page image.
  • Improved display of sub categories when some have images and some don't.
  • Fixed a display bug relating to product quick-view and product filters.
  • Fixed a display bug for excluding tax prices being in the wrong colour when a price range is active and reduced the text size of the tax type.
  • Added unique CSS classes to footer links to make it easier to customise their appearance.
  • Added a setting for minimum brand count before A-Z quick jump menu is activated (not available in theme settings yet).
  • Outline icon set has been made thinner and now changes the search and mobile hamburger icons.
  • Header icons now become larger on desktop view.
  • Dolly cart icon option added in theme settings.
  • Added unique CSS classes to vertical and horizontal menu links on category pages.
  • Bulk discount info is now displayed in a block rather than a link with popup modal.
  • Improved the display of the cart counter in header when the total count is 3 digits.
  • Improved display of product listings when the results don't fill the first row.
  • Added the ability to choose the default opened product tab on homepage (new, popular, featured) in setup config (not available in theme settings yet).
  • sync package lock file
  • Stored payment method name is not visible in Cornerstone Bold theme style
  • (sanitize product.description) in the theme results to ‘error length of description’ from Google indexing for lengthy product description
  • Added style configs to payment buttons
  • Bump Stencil utils to 6.15.1
  • Write a Review on product page shows blank pop up on second click.
  • Added ACH payment method section to My Account -> Payment Methods page
  • Remove data_tag_enabled check from everywhere
  • Fix add product to cart on iPhone x (iPhone version 11)

June 2023

  • Added page specific page builder regions directly above global footer page builder region.
  • Added page specific page builder regions directly above page title/breadcrumb area.
  • Added a global page builder region under store info area of footer.
  • Added page specific region and global region to upsell (will only show when an upsell is active for the product).
  • Reduced the amount of vertical space taken up by each upsell item.
  • You can now add a youtube video as the blog post thumbnail by using the tag _youtube:ABC123 (ABC123 being the unique video ID).
  • Improved logo sizing on checkout.
  • Improved cart action button display on product page.
  • Sub categories will now show horizontally when the parent category has no products (even when display is set to vertical).
  • No new release this month.

May 2023

  • Remove item from cart functionality added to cart preview in header.
  • Added swipe functionality to home and product carousels.
  • Added fade transition option to home and product carousels in setup config (not available in theme settings yet).
  • Added mobile image option for each homepage carousel banner (5 total).
  • Compare icon now blinks to make it more obvious when in use.
  • Main menu now has a subtle fade in on mobile and desktop.
  • Tabs and buttons now have a subtle fade in/out.
  • Improved display of colour swatches on product detail page.
  • Reverted fix for sold-out badge appearance
  • If the gift is a variant, the button "Change" shows in cart, and other variant are visible
  • Removes the URL encoding from the 'description' in the product rich snippet schema
  • Running Lighthouse npm script fails in terminal
  • Removed accelerated checkout integration
  • Added css classes for ApplePay Button
  • Added styling config for the Bolt smart payment button
  • Remove default whitespace from multiline input
  • Refresh page if no more item in the cart

April 2023

  • Confirm product removal on cart page can now been turned on/off in setup config (not available in theme settings yet).
  • Add to cart popup modal can now been turned on/off in setup config (not available in theme settings yet).
  • Added page builder regions to each product tab to allow custom content.
  • No new release this month.

March 2023

  • Site can now be made private via custom B2B settings in setup config (not available in theme settings yet).
  • Added B2B guest message text in setup config (not available in theme settings yet).
  • Added B2B account pending message text in setup config (not available in theme settings yet).
  • Added B2B pending customer group field in setup config (not available in theme settings yet).
  • Added B2B option to hide products from non logged in customers in setup config (not available in theme settings yet).
  • Added B2B option to hide products from customers in the pending customer group in setup config (not available in theme settings yet).
  • Added B2B option to hide prices but show products for customers in the pending customer group in setup config (not available in theme settings yet).
  • Fixed a bug with the display of the product quantity on the PDP
  • Extended initialization interface of the storefront-account-payments lib, added theme styles
  • Added showAlertModal to the storefront-account-payments app initialization
  • Fix sold-out badge appearance
  • Remove xlink attributes on svg
  • Bump Stencil utils to 6.15.0
  • form.serialize() ignores dropdown option elements that have the disabled attribute
  • Extended BigCommerce.accountPayments app initialization interface
  • Gift certificate CSS properties are applied to page after previewing Gift certificate on storefront
  • Translation Gap: Submit Return Request button

February 2023

  • Added an option to hide search functionality via theme settings.
  • Added the option to hide category links from header and footer in setup config (not available in theme settings yet).
  • Added product title as a class to page body to make product specific customisation easier.
  • Product warranty information can now be used as a mini description above price via theme settings.
  • Improved homepage carousel appearance.
  • Added more cart styling classes to make customisation and script work easier.
  • No new release this month.

January 2023

  • Increased icon set coverage for solid and outline styles to make display more cohesive across the site.
  • Added flag icons to currency selector.
  • Added home icon display option for main menu in setup config (not available in theme settings yet).
  • Added "Natural" as an icon option for header bar.
  • Added custom include file for header to make customisation easier.
  • Add remote_api_scripts into cart/preview template to let GA3 snippet to fire the Product Added event, when clicking Add to cart button on Product detail page and rendering the response in popup.
  • Stored XSS within Wishlist creation.
  • Set "Show quick payment buttons" setting to true by default
  • Fixed en-CA translation warning in terminal.
  • Added manual captcha to Contact Us form for additional spam protection
  • Fixed PDP not respecting "quantity box" display settings.
  • Fixed product panels with scrolling/arrows prevent contextual menu on mobile devices
  • Added integration of storefront-account-payments lib
  • Bump Stencil utils to 6.13.0
  • Removed non-working functionality from schema.json
  • Refactored hide_price_from_guests logic around show_cart_action use
  • Removed all Google AMP template files
  • Webpack 5, Node 18 Support
  • Customer order summary with both physical and digital items shows shipping as null

December 2022

  • Added the ability to choose custom Google fonts in theme settings rather than default dropdown list.
  • Fixed display bug with list view on category pages.
  • Improved display of quick search modal.
  • No new release this month.

November 2022

  • Added an upsell feature under the add to cart button on product pages. Uses a custom field with the name "_upsell" and the value as comma separated product id's such as "26,45,13".
  • Improved appearance of social share icons on product page.
  • Updated form field radio options with unique class names to make custom script work easier.
  • Fixed escaping on created store account confirm message.
  • Migrate Cornerstone to new "Hide Price From Guests" functionality
  • Add Accelerated buttons container into 'add to cart' popup on product details page
  • Made PDP wallet buttons container hidden in cases when the product is not purchasable or out of stock
  • Updated PayPal Accelerated Checkout default button styles
  • Add logic to collect Product Details data and send it to the BC App stencil template through custom event
  • Allow quantity of "0" in cart to remove item
  • Fix the issue with getting product details data if the product details form is valid on page load
  • Delay validation on account signup, message form, and account edit page
  • Update key render-blocking resources to be preloaded via HTTP headers/Early Hints

October 2022

  • Global header and global footer page builder regions can now be turned on/off in theme settings.
  • Added a third custom tab option for the product detail page in theme settings.
  • Sub category thumb images will now show if blocks are turned on and position set to horizontal even if the parent category has products assigned.
  • If sub category blocks are turned on but none of the parent's sub categories have thumb images, just the sub category names will be displayed, without blank/placeholder images.
  • Page banner depth can now be set to "None" to avoid sub category thumbs being used as background images for page banners. Top level categories can still have a medium depth banner assigned.
  • Removed description trim functionality from alternate category template as it isn't needed.
  • Added brand names that begin with a number rather than letter to the A-Z brand quick jump under the heading of 0-9.
  • No release this month.

September 2022

  • Added a hidden theme config for pinterest to track add to cart clicks.
  • Fixed a display bug with product spotlight cards.
  • "Available:" wording changed to "Pre-Order:" for pre-order products with a date.
  • Add unionpay img to be display on customers account.
  • Translations update September 2022.
  • Unable to navigate to home page from search results page after clicking Back button on browser.
  • Cannot Vault 16-digit Diners Club cards - creditcards module version is out of date
  • Incorrect translation key for Diners Club card type.
  • Make screen reader say error messages when editing customer account.
  • On customer message page, screen reader should say each error
  • Bump webpack-bundle-analyzer
  • Make screen reader say all errors then each error while tabbing.
  • Clarify customer order pagination.
  • Bump stencil utils with BODL events: Add to Cart and Remove from Cart.
  • Add global region below the navigation in the header
  • Fixed escaping on created store account confirm message.
  • Pass theme settings from blog page to blog post template.
  • Bump jQuery to 3.6.1.
  • Fix "incorrect value type" for anonymous reviews in Google Search Console
  • Reduce lodash usage
  • Bump stencil utils to 6.12.1: fix broken add to cart button
  • Add smart buttons attributes for various payment providers in Page builder

August 2022

  • Converted order confirmation page language to main lang file for easier customisation through checkout flow.
  • No release this month.

July 2022

  • Custom field outputs (name/value) now have custom classes to aid with styling individually.
  • Custom blocks widget now has the option to choose vertical and horizontal position of text overlay per block.
  • Custom blocks widget now has the option to choose max text width: full (default), 70%, 60%, half, 40% and 30% width.
  • Custom blocks max font size increased from 30px to 50px.
  • No release this month.

June 2022

  • Pre-order products now have a pre-order badge with expected date on product listings.
  • Improved display of pre-order message on product detail page.
  • When category/info pages are set to individual columns in the footer, the headings are now clickable.
  • Added a new hidden custom field. Name = hidden | value = search. This will hide the product from quick search and search results.
  • Individual blog posts now have a side menu showing recent posts with a link back to the main blog post.
  • Fixed duplicate title bug on individual blog posts.
  • Main blog page and individual posts now have multiple page builder regions.
BigCommerce 6.5
  • Fixed category icons do not appear in Search Form.
  • Incorrect translation displaying in Home Page Carousel for da, sv and no.
  • Fixed Blog Pages Do Not Include Link Rel Next/Prev Tags.
  • Add lang attribute to html tag to improve checkout accessibility.
  • Moved custom_fields loop to a dedicated component.
  • Fixed "None" modifier option is displayed as selected even if there is a default modifier option.
  • Add pickups to storefront invoice.
  • Fixed The stored bank account was not displayed in the "payment methods" section
  • Fixed "None" not being selected by default on unrequired Pick Lists without images

May 2022

  • Added an info icon option for header area. Create a page called "header" and assign page links as children (it will be hidden from any other menu).
  • Custom Block widget now has two optional custom classes built in (add to widget settings) to change appearance. "custom-widget-text-underneath" and "custom-widget-brand-logo".
  • Added a new page builder region to the bottom of category template that spans the width of side menu and product listings.
  • Added one new global page builder region and two normal regions to the purchase area of the product page template.
  • Product page alert box now inherits global alert box colours which can be changed in theme settings.
BigCommerce 6.4.1
  • Incorrect handling of unsuccessful item removing from cart on the Cart page.

April 2022

  • Added a custom click class "scroll-click" that when clicked, will scroll to an element with a specific ID used as the href (e.g. <a class="scroll-click" href="#MyId">Text</a>)
  • Added automatic table styling for product page builder regions.
  • Social media icon top/bottom placement language updates.
BigCommerce 6.4
  • Remove adminBar translations from da/no lang files
  • Translation updates April 2022
  • Product image not shown in Pinterest preview if not signed in.
  • Remove nanobar (loading progress bar).
  • Fix Workflow examples missing api host.
  • Remove sweetAlert.
  • Apply security updates (April 2022)
  • Reviews form not submitting after quick view opening on PDP.
  • Social media icons failing wave scan with "Empty Link".
  • Search results containing % symbol result in errored page.
  • Remove translations for adminBar component
  • Remove adminBar.
  • When price list price is set for currency, the cart does not respect product's price.
  • Stored Payment Methods form can be submitted without selecting a Country.
  • Show pickup details in storefront for BOPIS orders.

March 2022

  • Category sidebar open/close system is now active on large desktops.
  • Added an optional read more/less expand button for category descriptions via theme settings.
  • Bottom margin removed from homepage carousel if it only has one slide (no space below needed for slide numbering).
  • Resolved a potential script conflict in product.js
  • Spotlight product on homepage no longer has a missing border when in far right position.
  • Spotlight product display bug between 801px and 1260px resolved and other general display improvements.
  • If using a category named "Brands", the category will now still hide products if parent categories are set to show sub products.
  • "Brands" category now hides sub category links on mobile and desktop.
  • If the main Cookie Consent Banner is turned off in admin settings, a simple Cookie Accept bar will now show for EU customers (GDPR).
  • SKU and UPC labels and values now show and hide depending on selected options.
BigCommerce 6.3
  • Updated blog component to use H1 tags on posts.
  • Removed redundant Compare Form.
  • Fixed password complexity error not displaying the complexity rules set in the store settings.
  • Translation updates February 2022.
  • Cornerstone performance optimizations: blocking scripts delaying DomContentLoaded.
  • Cornerstone performance optimizations: remove unused fonts.
  • Updated stencil-utils package.
  • Add google recaptcha to password reset request page.

February 2022

  • Improved display of mobile menu expand icons.
  • Client file added to the start of product gallery area for optional customisation purposes.
  • Added an optional theme setting to display a search box rather than a search icon in header.
  • Product page thumbnail image no longer appears if the product only has one image assigned to it.
  • Product videos now show in the same location as photos (photos become hidden) when product description location is set to underneath.
  • Improved presentation of stock levels on product page.
  • When group single categories is on, the mobile menu now just shows them as line items rather than an expandable group.
  • Added a new theme setting for the main header menu to choose whether dropdowns should be shown on hover or click for desktop view.
  • Fixed a product page script bug that occurs when product reviews are turned off.
  • Added Apple Pay as a payment icon hide/show option within theme settings.
  • Added category names, brand names and info page names as unique html body classes to make page specific customisations easier.
  • Improved mobile display of header promo bar if a message is too long.
  • Custom Blocks Widget now has the option to add image dimensions to assist with CLS ranking (Cumulative Layout Shift).
  • Custom Blocks Widget now has the option to add image alt text to assist with image ranking.
  • Custom Blocks Widget now has the option to choose independent font sizes for buttons.
  • Consent manager is now fixed to the bottom of window and unfixes once agreed.
  • "View Category" text removed from sub category boxes and replaced with category name.
  • New page builder region added above product listings on default and alternate category templates.
  • Added a new theme setting to turn sub category image boxes on / off for default category template (does not affect category if named "Brands").
  • No release this month.

January 2022

  • When "group single sub categories" is on; the main menu dropdown no longer groups them if none of the sub categories have further children.
  • Added global page editor regions to the top and bottom of the product buy area on product page.
  • Mobile menu font size increased.
  • Add to cart and wishlist button heights increased on product page.
  • Breadcrumbs added to mobile view.
  • Updated contact form page template to match normal info pages.
  • Improved alignment and positioning for cart preview button options.
  • Changed default checkout button language to "Checkout Securely" and added padlock icon.
  • Added page builder regions to the top and bottom of cart page.
  • Added page builder regions above and below the search area of the 404 page.
  • Equalised top and bottom spacing of main menu custom images.
  • Increased size of product price on mobile.
  • Spotlight product carousel images now link to product page.
  • No release this month.

December 2021

  • Added a new custom field option "name = breadcrumb | value = comma separated category names" to allow multiple custom breadcrumbs on product page.
  • Added a new custom field option "name = download | value = file name" to show a download button on product page (upload to webdav content folder).
  • Category sidebar hide/show status now stays persistant on page load and default is set to show.
  • Product compare now works on brand pages and search results.
  • Improved appearance of pagination and now also visible at the top of category, brand and search pages.
  • Improved appearance of brand logo on individual brand pages.
  • Custom tab 1 and custom tab 2 content can now display text/html from specific information pages via theme settings.
  • Contact (and any other form based page) now has the option to add a custom header image via theme settings.
  • Client file added to the end of product gallery area for optional customisation purposes.
  • Client file added for when a custom review system is being used rather than inbuilt.
  • Improved header appearance when store logo is set to left or right.
BigCommerce 6.2
  • Fixed tooltip on close button of modal is shifted.
  • Optimized usage of jsTree library.
  • Replaced schema microdata with LD+JSON tag.
  • Translation Gap: Checkbox Option selection on Product.
  • Admin Bar no longer displays regardless of setting.
  • Fixed Loading unnecessary product lqip images on cart page.
  • Translation updates November 2021.

November 2021

  • Client file added within add to cart form on product detail page for optional customisation purposes.
  • Added a global client script file to base template for when handlebars language is required.
  • "" removed from navigation.html (currency selector) to allow guests to change currency if available.
  • Improved the display of warranty box data when pulled into product cards.
  • Client file for custom fields now only shows in top area if the fields are not set to show in tabs.
  • Added unique classes to product options to allow for easier css and script customisation.
  • Added an alternate info page template that enables page specific header banners.
  • Added unique classes to product tabs to allow for easier css and script customisation.
  • Added swipe capability for carousels on mobile and tablet.
  • Brands page now has an intelligent quick jump menu and improved display for brands without images.
  • Improved display of additional checkout buttons on popup and cart page.
  • Client file added to the start of main menu for optional customisation purposes.
  • Custom Blocks widget now has the option to add custom css classes to the widget and individual items.
  • Custom Blocks widget now has the option to open links in a new window on a per item basis.
  • Top level categories and pages now have unique classes for easier css and script customisation.
BigCommerce 6.1.2 - 6.1.3
  • Fixed cannot see currency dropdown in storefront bug
  • Hide prices for aria-label and data-product-price attributes if set to "Hidden for guests". Hide currency selection for non-logged in users.
  • Added basic validation for Account Signup Date Field when it's empty.
  • Fixed Quick View modal "X" button focus bubble being slightly off center.
  • Apply dependency updates (jest & lighthouse).
  • Update lang file for FR locale.
  • Update store logo to use srcset.

October 2021

  • Category list in the sidebar of category pages has increased from a maximum of 3 levels deep to 5.
  • Added an alternative category template option that shows the category description to the left of sub category image boxes.
  • Top and bottom client file options added to footer for customisation purposes.
  • Head tag client file option added for customisation purposes (custom fonts etc..).
  • Fixed an issue with carousel text overflowing banners on very wide screens.
  • Custom fields now have a unique css class based on their name in case they need to be modified separately.
  • Added a global region to category sidebar for site wide promotion.
  • Added a unique region to category sidebar for specific category promotion.
  • Filters and Shop by Price now remain in the sidebar when sub category display is set to above.
  • Sidebar for category, brand and search pages now has an open/close system to create more space for product listings on medium size screens.
  • Fixed a bug where spotlight products would show all thumbnail images vertically when a category filter was applied.
  • Featured, New and Popular products now have review stars visible if ratings are turned on.
BigCommerce 6.1.1
  • Fix product images on PDP has clipped outline.
  • Changed debounce wait time for search to 1200 ms from 200 ms.
  • Additional checkout buttons don't work on applying 100% discount coupon.
  • Fix sliding carousel with products cause footer headers flickering.

September 2021

  • Page header banner image available for blog, brands, cart, info pages, search and sitemap via theme settings.
  • Page header banner image size can be set to slim, medium or deep via theme settings.
  • Added search feature to blog page.
  • Added a custom client file option for nav menu (header icons)
  • Fixed a bug with custom block image vertical distortion on mobile.
  • Fixed header width issue on large desktop view.
  • Custom Blocks widget now has a setting to turn the widget into a carousel.
  • Added a theme setting to turn phone number on/off in header and footer.
  • Recent blog posts can now be set to show only on the homepage via theme settings.
  • Fixed a bug with header promo bar icons sharing a setting that should be unique.
BigCommerce 6.1
  • Fixed images placeholder on hero carousel shifted on mobile when slide has content.
  • Google AMP feature request - Add in release date info for preorder products.
  • Translation for states select field on account signup page.
  • Added description field below payment provider name on "My Account" -> "Payment Methods" page.

August 2021

  • Show video button is now displayed as part of the photo thumbnail gallery if description is set to underneath.
  • Header promotion bar now displays as a mini carousel on mobile to reduce screen space.
  • Added a theme setting to choose manual or auto play for homepage carousel slides.
BigCommerce 6.0
  • Translation mechanism for config.json has been updated.
  • Gift wrapping price now shows in product list for the cart.
  • Fixed wishlist dropdown shift on quick view modal.
  • Empty email input in newsletter field now triggers an error.
  • Make Hero Carousel both slide and button clickable when button enabled.
  • "Manage Website Data Collection Preferences" phrase is now translatable.
  • Navigation back to wishlist tab when you are in a wishlist.
  • Reviews pagination navigation buttons now open the Reviews tab.
  • Fixed social share links for product pages and blog posts.
  • Fixed 'undefined' announced with screen reader while changing Product quantity on PDP.
  • Counter on the Wish Lists tab on Account page has been removed.
  • User Account, display bug fixed in section payment methods.
  • Scss lint has been replaced with stylelint.

July 2021

  • Added the ability to add text, links and images uploaded to Image Manager to main menu category dropdowns (via theme settings).
  • Added a grid style display of sub categories with images if category has no products and is set to not show subcategory products.
  • Added a custom component for adding client scripts directly under opening body tag.
BigCommerce 5.7
  • Updated lang files for some locales.
  • Implement CEV language files into Cornerstone.
  • Added translations for Consent Manager.

June 2021

  • Video player is now visible instead of the show button if product info is displayed to the side of photo gallery regardless of product tabs being on.
  • Modified below carousel region on homepage to ensure content is the same width as main content.
  • Added a custom field option (name = hidden | value = hide-quantity) to hide quantity on product page if global quantity is on.
  • Added a custom field option (name = hidden | value = show-quantity) to show quantity on product page if global quantity is off.
  • Widget: Custom Blocks now has more font size options for title and subtext (button uses subtext font data).
  • Widget: Custom Blocks now has the option to choose a light or dark background for text overlay on individual blocks.
  • Widget: Custom Blocks now has a settings tab for max blocks per row and hide/show for titles, subtext and buttons.
BigCommerce 5.6
  • Translation mechanism for config.json values have been implemented.
  • Enter press on Compare checkbox cause quick view opening.
  • Product images in quick view can be squashed.
  • Fixed shift in change options popup on Cart page.
  • Fixed possibility to select 'None' on multi unrequired Swatch Options.
  • Translation Gap: Account -> Wish List -> Name required message.
  • Translation Gap: Cart -> Shipping estimator error messages.
  • Add to cart button and Wishlist should be on one line on desktop.
  • Logo on AMP Product details page (PDP) doesn't fit header.
  • Translation Gap: Compare page fields (Description, Rating and Availability).
  • Translation Gap: Compare products error message.
  • Translation Gap: Gift Certificate -> Code required message.
  • Added translation for invalid quantity value error on Cart.
  • Translation Gap: Delete from Cart confirmation popup.
  • Fixed NaN error on increase/decrease product quantity by adding field validation.
  • Fixed social share links on blog post.

May 2021

  • Added position options for carousel content display: normal, left, centre, right.
  • Added the option to remove background from carousel content.
  • Added carousel button colour options.
  • Added new social icon display options: normal, circle, square.
  • 404 page now displays sitemap content.
  • Social icons upgraded to FontAwesome versions.
  • Search dropdown now adjusts to accommodate admin bar.
  • Resolved page header jump when initially scrolling down the page.
  • Added a "Filter by Tag" menu to blog page.
BigCommerce 5.5
  • Scale focus trap for all modals.
  • Fixed displaying swatch name for multiple swatch options on page.
  • Added settings for payment banners.
  • Use https:// for schema markup.
  • Update focus tooltip styles contrast to achieve accessibility AA Compliance.
  • Apple pay button display fix.
  • Fixed search result on search page not notified by screen reader.

April 2021

  • Added an option to use "from" for price ranges rather than min/max.
  • Improved the appearance of quick search and added the ability to change the placeholder search message.
  • Improved sitemap page presentation and added the ability to hide/show sitemap link in footer.
  • Improved styling for pagination and added the ability to change colours.
  • Added the ability to show product title above product details rather than in page header.
  • Header icon text can now be shown/hidden on large screens.
  • Added the ability to choose between solid and outline style for main header icons.
  • Added a "Globe" and "Tick" icon option for header bar messages.
  • Main header menu now has its own colour option for background and text (separate to dropdown).
  • Updated instagram icon to latest version.
  • Corrected language error for tab 2 title in theme settings.
  • Added basket and bag icon options for cart icon in header.
  • Added background colour for heading text on category pages that are using a category image.
BigCommerce 5.4
  • Incorrect focus order for product carousels.
  • Removed duplicates of main tag.
  • Hamburger Menu Icon missing on Google AMP Pages.
  • Wish List drop down is truncated on product page.
  • Improve performance of analyzing homepage carousel images.
  • Added keyboard support on radio buttons.
  • Replace SSL settings in Page builder with global region for SSL certificate.
  • fixed email address validation in forms.
  • Fixed unnecessary horizontal scroll on swatch options on PDP.
  • Always showing product counts for Category facet in the faceted search results page.

March 2021

  • Improved Homepage carousel display.
  • Video summary and thumbnail is now hidden if the product only has one video.
  • Payment icons no longer wrap onto two lines when custom text is added next to copyright.
  • Fixed bug with single categories not being displayed when using parent category columns.
  • Custom component files added for phone and email in header bar.
  • Widget: Custom Blocks widget added as an install option.
BigCommerce 5.3
  • Remove AddThis for social sharing, replace with provider sharing links.
  • IE11 - Clicking on Search Does Not Display Search Bar.
  • Alt text should include product name for ratings.
  • Changed insufficient "Change" link text on cart page.
  • Added labeling for edit fields on cart page.
  • Add placeholder for failed to load carousel images and update scalability.
  • Fixed insufficient button label on cart page from action controls.
  • "Skip to main content" now is visible when top banned is absent.
  • Announce subscribing email field as mandatory.
  • Changed insufficient link text for "Read More" links.
  • Added sold out badge on products within PLP.
  • Update focus trap in Modal.
  • Added unique identifiers to product cards on product list pages.
  • Fixed line breaks on Dropdown menu display mode.
  • Added notifications on Carousel's content change through 'Next/Prev' buttons.
  • Added error message when faceted search fails on search, category, brand pages.

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