BigCommerce Theme Development

To compliment our BigCommerce Design service, we've built our own custom theme originally based on the default "Cornerstone" theme with a vast amount of visual and technical enhancements added.

Our theme is updated monthly with any changes made by BigCommerce as well as feature enhancements developed by our team. We can do this whilst still retaining unique customisations made to a specific client website. This means our clients can have a constantly evolving, always up-to-date custom website rather than a site that slowly falls behind over time and needs a full re-build every few years. For more information on how we achieve this, see our Monthly Enhancement service.

In addition to our own custom theme, we're also happy to make customisations to any theme you may have pre-installed into your BigCommerce account. We've been a BigCommerce partner for over ten years and have a wealth of technical know-how. Please fill in our Enquiry Form to discuss your requirements.

We'd love to build a BigCommerce site with you.

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