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Bigcommerce Design
1st Nov 2010

Silver Nomad offer a unique collection of contemporary and traditional 925 Sterling Silver from around the World.

Over the last 14 years, the company has progressed from a shop supplier to an online business.  Company owner - Paul Wood, felt that their current site had become out of date and was restricting the potential for growth.  They are now using Bigcommerce (our recommended ecommerce solution) to power their website, coupled with a professional, custom design provided by Aylis.  Paul kindly took some time out to share his thoughts on the service he received…

When asked to comment on the process, Paul had this to say:

“ I found the service offered quite remarkable. ”

‘ There was a professional feeling throughout and an openness and adaptability to bring my idea of a new site to reality.  This was mainly achieved via email so I could continue my work. ’

‘ The end result was exactly what I had hoped for.  Plus a few nice touches at the end, which to me, is a sign of a company hungry to impress and focused on repeat business (which will happen). ’

We then asked Paul for his thoughts on the quality of work:

‘ The quality of work was absolutely on the money.  I couldn't have expected any more.  An ideal example would be the direct approach in producing a perfectly re-branded logo.  This wasn't a one-off attempt, it took time and effort to finally get there.  The logo is just a small factor regarding the integrity and pure quality of work I was happy to be on the receiving end of. ’

“ As a result, we've had numerous calls from companies such as Vogue, GQ, Marie Claire and other well known media. ”

‘ We are progressive and friendly at Silver Nomad.  We take pride in what we sell and how we treat our customers, so the collaboration was most definitely a positive experience.  In comparison to our past dealings with various companies, I must emphasise how great this really was! ’

We enquired how the new software compared to the old:

‘ In comparison to our old site, the new platform is feature rich with so many add-ons and they're easy to use.  Not only for us but for the customer too. ’

“ I am especially impressed by the way the software continues to be improved with even more features. ”

‘ Since inception (Nov 2010) our software for the back-end has been updated with more features at least 5 or 6 times and it's all smoothly accomplished with no down-time.  Perfect if you want something that evolves in line with your business without losing sales.  We are after all, trying to move forward and not stand still. ’

We wondered if they'd had any positive customers comments:

‘ All of our old clients have given very positive feedback regarding the new site and the extra attention we have has proven that as well. ’

On comparing sales before and after working with Aylis:

“ We've seen a 20% growth. I think that speaks for itself… ”

When asked to sum up the experience, Paul said:

‘ I am so happy that we made the move.  I was very nervous but excited with it.  It took 2 months from start to finish but it was easily the highlight of 2010.  The site went live in November, just in time for the Christmas shopping and we achieved a record sales month thanks to eveyone's hard work.  That aside, I consider Dave (owner) not only a very capable and professional project manager but now also a friend.  It's a rare thing and I look forward to working again with Aylis in the future. ’

“ Thank you very much and keep up the good work! 10/10 ”

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