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Bigcommerce Design
9th Jun 2011

Skade Ltd was established in 2009, initially selling via eBay.  Their aim is to bring you the best MMA related products at a competitive price, coupled with excellent customer service.

In 2011 they contracted Aylis to build a stand-alone ecommerce store, branded as Samurai MMA.  The new site went live in June 2011.  We asked company owner Simon to share his thoughts on the project and how he found working with Aylis.  Here is what he had to say…

When asked to comment on the process, Simon had this to say:

‘ Having heard a few horror stories about web designers who were unresponsive and didn't deliver what was promised, I was slightly weary about setting up a stand alone website. ’

“ I am delighted to say though that I struck gold by instructing Aylis to complete the work. ”

‘ During our initial conversations, Dave at Aylis clearly set out the steps that would be involved, what would be required from both parties and I was provided an estimated timeframe to complete the project.  From there, things moved very quickly and efficiently indeed.  The estimated timeframe was hit and Dave was always on hand to answer any queries.  Any requests I had, for example to make small tweaks to the site were also dealt with quickly and efficiently. ’

We then asked Simon for his thoughts on the quality of work:

‘ I was VERY happy with the quality of work Aylis provided.  I'm particularly pleased with the company logo they designed for me. ’

We wondered if they'd had any positive customers comments:

‘ I've received very positive feedback regarding the design and usability of the site from a variety of sources. ’

“ Getting such a positive response from customers in particular makes all the hard work that went into the process worthwhile. ”

When asked to sum up the experience, Simon said:

‘ Overall I would say that working with a firm that are as professional and responsive as Aylis removed any stress from setting the website up.  Instead, the process was enjoyable and it was great to see the site coming together step by step. ’

“ The end result is a very cool looking, easy to use website which I'm chuffed to bits with. ”

‘ I can't wait to get on with promoting it now.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Aylis to anyone looking to set up a e-commerce site of their own (in fact I already have recommended them to some friends!). ’

David Conway (Aylis Owner):

‘ When I first read Simon's feedback, my grin must have equalled that of a cheshire cat!  The struck gold comment was of particular delight.  It goes to show that if you look after your clients, they'll look after you! ’

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