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Bigcommerce Design
2nd Sep 2011

Natravia is a healthy, natural sweetener with zero calories and is formulated from the leaves of the Stevia plant.

Natravia are using Bigcommerce.com (our recommended ecommerce solution) to power their website coupled with a professional, custom design provided by Aylis.  Below is a selection of comments we received from Natravia owner, Ranjit Bahia, during the course of the project…

Upon seeing the design concept for the first time Ranjit said:

‘ The wallpaper background works well and I love the the footer bar.  I like how you've incorporated the logo on the picture with the girl (this is what I was trying to explain earlier, nice!!).  On all images in the slide show, we need similar effects and points. ’

“ I will give you a call tomorrow regarding a few tweaks but otherwise good job! ”

During the setup/installation phase:

“ Looks great!  Im happy with it, lets start piecing it together. ”

‘ I'm in London at the moment but I will give you a call this week, keep up the good work! ’

Upon completion of the project, Ranjit stated:

‘ I've had the guys running some test too.  It's all done my man!  I will arrange the invoice to be paid by Tuesday when I'm back in the office.  Speak soon and thanks! ’

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