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Bigcommerce Design
5th Aug 2011

Love It Love It Love It launched in April 2010 with the notion of providing funky, fun and colourful clothes that kids could wear every day to play in, learn in and get proper wear out of!

Company owner - Ruth Lopardo, contacted us to see if we could help her migrate the company brand from her current system over to Bigcommerce (our recommended ecommerce solution).  Love It Love It Love It are now live on Bigcommerce with a custom design provided by Aylis.  Recently we asked Ruth for her feedback on the service we provided…

When asked to comment on the process, Ruth had this to say:

‘ The service was really impressive; quick and responsive to requirements and feedback.  Aylis listened to and understood the business needs and how to best deliver our proposition to our customers.  This was evident from our first discussion prior to engagement.  Aylis really listened to what the requirements were rather than trying to sell their solution, which made me feel valued as a customer and confident that they'd deliver a great product. ’

“ The speed of the design and build was astonishing compared to previous experiences. ”

‘ Aylis provided regular, unprompted updates on progress, and delivered on time throughout.  During the build period, our old website had a big problem, and Aylis were brilliant, they accelerated development on the new website so that business could continue.  Amazingly, the speed hasn't had an effect on quality or robustness. ’

We then asked Ruth for her thoughts on the quality of work:

‘ The design is great.  I was slightly dubious when Aylis said they'd take our existing branding and move it forward;  I thought it was fine as it was, but the changes they came up with really did refresh the brand without making it unrecognisable. ’

We enquired how the new software compared to the old:

‘ Bigcommerce is an absolute revelation.  Our old package was very restrictive and inefficient with no support at all.  As an example, it used to take 8 hours solid work to set up a seasonal sale.  It now takes under 5 minutes. ’

“ Bigcommerce does virtually everything you could want, the support is fantastic and there's ongoing development in response to customer requests and new technology. ”

‘ It integrates seamlessly with any number of third party applications and payment engines, and pretty much everything can be done by the store owner themselves. ’

We wondered if they'd had any positive customers comments:

“ Customer feedback has been great! ”

‘ They love the look and feel of the new site as well as how easy it is to navigate.  These are just a few of the descriptive ones: ’
“ The site is looking fantastic - you must be so pleased!! ”   Tweet
“ I do pretty much all my web stuff on my phone so its fab. ”   Tweet
“ Love the new banner! It's so cheerful and bright. ”   Tweet
“ Verrrrrrrrrrry nice! LOVE the layout, really working. ”   Tweet
“ Looks great, especially love the mobile site. Well done. ”   Tweet

When asked to sum up the experience, Ruth said:

‘ I'm really pleased with everything Aylis have done. ’

“ I intend to continue working with them in future and I'm recommending Aylis to everyone who asks. ”

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