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Bigcommerce Design
30th Dec 2010

Established in 2009, FightWear MK has fast become one of the premier UK sellers of mixed martial arts equipment online.

Company owner - Craig Saving, approached Aylis after becoming frustrated with the lack of technical updates and poor communication from his website provider.  Craig wanted to take the company's online activity to the next level and chose us to help him achieve this goal.  Fightwear MK are now using Bigcommerce (our recommended ecommerce solution) to power their website, coupled with a professional, custom design provided by Aylis.  We recently took time out to catch up with Craig and find out how the new FightWear MK site is performing and his thoughts on the service experience…

When asked to comment on the process, Craig had this to say:

‘ The whole service from beginning to end was hassle free and painless.  I found it easy to relay my wants and needs and they were interpreted perfectly.  David (project manager / designer) made some excellent suggestions on how to improve the look and all have been received excellently. ’

“ I felt the whole time as if all that mattered was getting me the results I wanted.  It's an excellent service. ”

We then asked Craig for his thoughts on the quality of work:

‘ After having a pretty rough experience with our previous provider, Aylis have been a life saver.  They took what was in my eye, a good looking design already and just made it so much better.  There is nothing I came across that these guys couldn't implement exactly how I wanted.  The custom banners really stand out and have been received extremely well. ’

“ I've even had large brands from all around the world commenting on how glad they are to see their products on such a well built site. ”

We enquired how the new software compared to the old:

‘ Bigcommerce has given FightWear MK a whole new lease of life.  The capability of the software is immense and from a user point of view, it's so easy to use. ’

“ It completely blows any other system I've used out of the water. ”

‘ The ability to manually add and process orders has made it so easy to now accept payments over the phone - something that was almost impossible with our previous system.  The promotion tools are easy to use and I have already seen a 10% sales increase in the first month alone! ’

We wondered if they'd had any positive customers comments:

‘ We've had a tremendous amount of positive feedback.  Customers have commented on the appearance and how easy it is to use and our partners love the design because of how good it makes their products look.  From our point of view its win-win because we're getting better results from a system that's easier to use! ’

On comparing sales before and after working with Aylis:

‘ As I stated, we have already noticed a huge jump in sales since the new design went live! ’

“ We knew there would be an improvement but not in the region of 10% and so quickly. ”

‘ What's equally impressive is that this level of increase has been maintained so far this month!  Outstanding!! ’

When asked to sum up the experience, Craig said:

“ This was the single best business decision FightWear MK have ever made! ”

‘ Aylis could see we were nervous about the process due to the unsatisfactory service we had received from our previous provider.  They (and Dave in particular) just made us feel so at ease with the process.  We could see straight away from very early that we were on to a winner! ’

‘ Aylis have helped us rapidly improve our position within the industry and really cement ourselves as one of the main UK online MMA retailers.  It's even more rewarding when we have customers, manufactures and even competitors comment on how excellent the site is now!  Thank you Aylis!!" ’

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