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buzzpinky.com (Adult Content)

Bigcommerce Design
3rd Feb 2012

Buzz Pinky specialise in offering you the finest selection of adult toys, products and accessories at low prices.

They are using Bigcommerce.com (our recommended ecommerce solution) to power their website coupled with a professional, custom design provided by Aylis.  Below is a selection of comments we received from Buzz Pinky during the course of the project…

We didn't quite get it right first time around:

‘ We have had a good look at the design preview and feel it's unfortunately not what we had in mind.  *Constructive criticism and suggestions*  If there is anything you are unclear about then please let us know, we understand this is a two way effort and the end result will be incredible.  We know the Aylis team can produce a website that will blow the competition away, that is why we have chosen your team to handle this project. ’

After making extensive revisions:

‘ A huge improvement, good work and thanks!  We have a few small enhancements.  After these small changes we should be there! ’

“ Once again, thank your team for their hard work and efforts up to now. ”

‘ It really hasn’t taken you long to capture where we were coming from. ’

During the setup/installation phase:

‘ We are really liking the design it looks great.  As soon as you finalise the bits you're working on we'll start to upload the products. ’

Upon completion of the project:

“ Thanks so much for the efforts you've put into Buzz Pinky, it looks great! ”

www.buzzpinky.com (Adult Content)

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